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Deep Cleaning Services, in Ottawa, by BeeMaids.ca

It can be a daunting task to hire a professional cleaning company, to deep clean your home for the first time.  If you have never before hired a professional cleaning service, its nice to understand what type of services you require, so you do not overpay for deep cleaning services that you don’t need.  This also helps one from being disappointed, when you know what to can be expected.  

Prior to calling a cleaning company, search around your home to decide what you would like to get cleaned.  Possibly, you do a regular upkeep by cleaning and sweeping, vacuuming floors, but you see, that your bathrooms and kitchen may need some love.

You also might notice that your home is not in need of a really detailed cleaning, so doing the standard cleaning for a few hours may be enough.

Most cleaning companies have regular cleaning services, which is basic cleaning, that includes floor sweeping, mopping and cleaning outside areas like tables, counters, sinks.  This should include bathroom scrubbing of fixtures, fixing the linens on beds and detailed dusting.

This detailed cleaning usually is at a flat rate, depending on how many rooms, and if the staff for the cleaning service does not need to inspect your home beforehand. Deep cleaning services is a really thorough cleaning.

The standard cleaning should be included with a deep cleaning service, as this is a beneficial option, if you have areas of your house needing extra detail cleaning, like bookshelves or cabinets that have not been cleaned in a

while.  A reliable deep cleaner takes out all of the items in the cabinet or bookshelf and cleans the area of dust then puts back the contents.

Deep cleaning may also include a window sills, stove/oven cleaning, as well as the the entire refrigerator cleaning.  Deep cleaning services usually are charged by the hour with a required minimum set of hours, such as three or four hours.

Laundry is an extra service charge for many cleaning companies.  Some companies include one laundry load in their regular services, while other companies will charge extra for laundry services or may only wash bed sheets and towels.  A janitorial company can do laundry, however this will take away from the time required for cleaning your home.

Having all the details prior to work being performed makes the experience of hiring a deep cleaning company less stressful, as it should be.

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The Reasons to use a Professional Deep Cleaning in Ottawa.

Most families do regularly clean their whole house such as vacuuming floors and carpets, disinfecting countertops, dusting shelves, and scrubbing toilets and showers. 

However, what most people are not realising is their properties are still not thoroughly cleaned. 

It is most likely there are many spaces in your home still harbouring dust mites, germs, allergens, and other pollutants!

These various contaminants hide in spaces of your home deep within furnishing and your carpeting where as routine cleaning is not extracting them from your living areas. 

This is where the help from a professional deep cleaning service can eliminate all of the dirt in your house, even in tough to reach places. 

We recommend having your home deep cleaned to protect your family and your home!

Recommendations going beyond Deep Cleaning in Ottawa

Air Duct Deep Cleaning

HVAC home air ducts are the dirtiest spots in your house, but since they are not in your sights, you probably never thought to have them cleaned. Think about it: Home Air ducts collect dust, bacteria, pollen, mould, and these contaminants then circulate throughout your house each time you turn on your heating or cooling system. These are not just unpleasant to realise that there in your home circulating in the air, but they can also get your family sick. So do not let these little critters of dust and germs continue circulating in your home by having a professional home air duct cleaning. This would be impossible for you to clean your home air ducts yourself. Professional home air duct cleaning companies will thoroughly remove the built up of dirt and dust from your home air ducts with no risk of spreading it throughout your home. The experts in Home Air duct cleaning recommend an annual air duct cleaning for the best air quality for your home.  If you have never had your Home Air Ducts cleaned or it has been a while since your home air ducts were cleaned, do not wait any longer. Deep Clean your home air ducts and rest assure your family is breathing pure air again! 

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Deep Cleaning Ottawa

Carpet Cleaning

Vacuuming carpeting regularly will remove a great amount of dirt and debris, however, regular vacuums are simply not powerful enough to reach deep within the carpeting pile. Over time the dust, germs, and other contaminants accumulate in the lower layers of the carpeting which your vacuum does not reach. Even when you vacuum regularly, your carpeting really never gets totally clean. Your only solution is to have your carpeting cleaned by professional. Carpet cleaning companies typically use very hot water and emulsifiers along with extra strong vacuums that destroy and remove all of the dirt and contaminants in your carpeting. Their special industrial strength equipment will pull out dirt where your vacuum does not, deep within your carpeting. You should keep in mind that dirty carpets are one of the greatest risk to children, who often play on floors. It is important especially if you have children to have your carpets cleaned regularly to prevent the dirt, dust and germs from building up which will help keep your family safer.

Furniture Cleaning

We all remember to dust our bookshelves and wipe our wood furniture, but do we think about our couch and armchairs?  Do your remember the last time you had your upholstery cleaned?  The things you love about your furniture's beautiful fabric is  the thick padding, the graceful curves may actually be harmful to you and your family. That is because upholstered furnisher has a tendency to trap all types of particles from food, pollen, and pet dander, to bacteria and microbes. To make things worse, furniture's unique construction of padding, textiles and wood,  makes it almost impossible to clean yourself. However, all is not lost, most carpet cleaning companies, clean furniture too. Because they are professionals with many years of experience, they will have the skills and know-how to deep clean even the most detailed, delicate furnishing with no worry about damaging it. Furniture cleaners use either a dry cleaning technique or a steam-cleaning method similar to carpet cleaning to loosen and safely remove the years of debris trapped in your furnishings.

Although dirt and grime lurk out of sight, hidden contaminants in your house can be putting your family in harms way of bacterial infections, allergy attacks, mould contamination, and other serious health risks. Mould or insect infestations may threaten the safety of your house itself. Deep cleaning your home is a safe-proof method for ridding your home of unseen germs and other pollutants in your home. Having the following services for deep cleaning done in your home, air duct cleaning, carpet cleaning, and furniture cleaning, your home will be a healthy and safe space once again. This can seem like a hassle to perform these services for your home's deep cleaning, however the alternative could be far worse and it will be worth it in the end. You can even contact a full-service cleaning company https://beemaids.ca in your area to have most of these services done to your entire home, all at once.